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Life in Chiang Mai

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The program aims to provide an appropriate environment to develop learning skills, and life-long best practice habits. Development of friendship amongst students and the benefit of developing international professional contacts is another facet of participation in the course.


The university campus is set in scenic wooded grounds, and offers many canteens, cafes, and sports grounds and facilities. The many sporting and social activities available at the university can be found at:



About living in Chiang Mai and northern Thailand

Well known tourist destination, (24th on Trip advisors 25 world best destinations).
Old Medieval city walls.
Relatively small but cosmopolitan city.
Beautiful hills – many outdoor activities. 
Cool climate in winter.
Two large new shopping malls just completed.
Very diverse range of food available in supermarkets and restaurants,
Including all kinds of regional Thai food, halal food, Vietnamese, Western, Chinese, Myanmar, Mexican. 
Zoo, night safari.
Night Bazaar.

Low cost of living.
Lodging ~ 3,000-6,000 baht month, (100-200 USD)
University international students building ~6,000 baht 
month (possibility to split cost by sharing room).

Electric vehicles run by the university, and covered pick-ups (Song Taews) provide cheap transport around the university and off campus, private transport such as Tuk Tuks is also available. Much of the private accommodation offered for university students is within about 20 min walk of Department of Geological Sciences.