Petroleum Geophysics CMU : Staff & Facilities

The program has three full time academic staff, and six full time teaching staff of the Geological Science and Physics Departments who contribute part-time to the teaching on the courses. Nine visiting instructors with considerable experience in in petroleum industry teach eight of the courses, supported by the local staff.

Petroleum Geophysics CMU : Visiting lecturers

Prof. Graham Stuart

Prof. Graham Stuart (Leeds University, UK), seismic acquisition, AVO and inversion


Dr. Roger Clarke

Dr. Roger Clarke (Leeds University, UK), seismic processing, depth conversion and velocities.


Dr.Philip Rowell

Dr.Philip Rowell (consultant), seismic interpretation, seismic.


Dr. Stefan Back

Dr. Stefan Back (Aachen University), sequence/seismic stratigraphy


Mr.Terry Higgins

Mr.Terry Higgins (consultant) Petrophysics.


Mr. Robert Shoup

Mr. Robert Shoup (SCA), prospect analysis, risk and economics.


Dr.Joe Lambiase

Dr.Joe Lambiase (Chulalongkorn University, clastic sedimentology).


Dr.John Warren

Dr.John Warren (Chulalongkorn University, carbonate sedimentology, fieldcourse).


Dr.Shane Wooding

Dr.Shane Wooding (PTTEP, geochemistry, basin modeling).

Petroleum Geophysics CMU : Administrative and support staff

Ms. Pannipa KUNTAROS 

Ms. Pannipa KUNTAROS (Secretary)

Mr. Anupong  Hutawarakorn

Mr. Anupong Hutawarakorn (Systems Administrator)

Miss Siraporn Vipanthusart

Miss Siraporn Vipanthusart (Admin. Assistant / Accountant)



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